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Howdy Coinlovers,

I think you are fine and thinking about any new crypto project or investing In CRYPTO such as Bitcoin.

There is Good news for Coinlovers (Coinlover is a Title given by CoinMantra community to Cryptocurrency investor, Blockchain program, Blogger and all of them who loves Cryptocurrency). We have an announcement that we have started our new Podcast channel. 
CoinMantra, Podcasting, Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, blogging

Where we talk on Cryptocurrency, New crypto project , Altcoins and more on our podcast channel. You can also send us a voice message through using anchor (one of the greatest tools to publish Podcast ).
CoinMantra, Podcasting, Cryptocurrency, voice message,

We will publish a podcast on every Friday so you can join us there. 

Also you can follow us on popular  Podcasting channel., CoinMantra, Podcasting, Spotify

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