Why I switched from Google chrome to Brave browser

Why I Switched from Google Chrome to Brave

Why I switched from Google Chrome to Brave browser
When you want to search for something on the web then the first name that comes to your mind is none other than Google and the browser that we used in most cases is also Google Chrome. But there is a new Browser called Brave browser changed my mind and I switched from Google Chrome to Brave. I suggest you choose Brave browser other than any browser But Why?

In-built Adblocker
Don't want to see ads in Chrome, then you need to download a third-party application like Adblocker. I know you can disable ads in Google by adding plugins but what about the Mobile version of Google Chrome?

But you don't need to download any plugins or extension in brave because there is an ad blocker in built-in brave. The best thing about Brave AdBlocker you can also use it in its mobile version. You can also block third-party cookies.


Ok, I know you can block ads using Brave browser to enjoy ad-free content. But what about the content creators?
Ads are the main and popular way to monetize contents. Yes, Their earning will reduce due to ads blocker and it hurts and demotivates content creators. There is a solution in Brave browser called Brave rewards.  By using Brave browser you can also support your favourite content creators by donating BAT (native crypto token of the brave browser). Content creators need to Signup on brave and accept Tip through the audience.

How to be a brave Publisher?


There are lots of websites that are using cookies, JavaScript, 3rd party cookies and sometimes try to access your fingerprints through your smartphone. They are also using some trackers to track you.

You can block all the  JavaScript, cookies and trackers using Brave browser. You can also secure your smartphone's finger with their fingerprint protection.
Fastest browser 

Since you can block all the trackers and cookies then your internet connection becomes fast.

Check this video and see the practical result of Brave.

Search, use and then Recommend is a part of our policy. I am using brave browser for 2 years and I didn't face any problem. So I also suggest you be a part Brave community.
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