Zebpay alternatives

India a country with youngsters and tech lover, where no regulations on crypto business.
This is hard to believe.
It makes difficult for crypto industries to run in the Indian market.

After Zebpay another Cryptocurrency exchange Coindelta had shut down their service in India yesterday.

That's mean how much hard to alive the crypto exchange in India.

After 16 months of RBI ban on rupees support to Cryptocurrency exchange makes coindelta have to make this hard decision.

In a blog post coindelta’s founder, Shubham Yadav announced the exchange will no longer to provide service.

Dear Users,

Much to our regret, we will no longer be able to provide exchange services for cryptocurrencies. It has been really difficult for us to operate Coindelta exchange for the last 6 months. The curb on the bank accounts by RBI has made us handicapped in order to provide seamless deposit and withdrawal services. There has not been any significant progress in the Supreme Court case which makes it difficult to predict when we will see the regulation.

According to the blog post, the wallet service is available until 29 April 2019 with a 30 days period for user withdrawal funds.

It's not fair, They forced their user to withdraw their funds on very high withdrawal fees.

But Bitbns and Wazirx are Here to save Coindelta’s user by providing a full refund on the transaction fee.

Bitbns Offer rules

Fees will be refunded only for 1st deposit transaction for each token during the offer period.

Valid for all users.

Refund will be given to the user who deposits cryptocurrency of Worth 25K

To receive the fee refund, users must hold the entire migrated amount in Bitbns wallet for at least 10 days, or trade it.

Note: The deposited crypto cannot be withdrawn during the offer period
This is applicable for all deposits post 1:00 PM, effective from 30 March 2019 on all coins listed on Bitbns.
Post the screenshot of the transaction on social media and write the Transaction ID (also called Hash ID) in the post description, along with this mandatory hashtag #MigrateToBitbns
To claim the withdrawal fee refund fill this form.

Wazirx provides 100% refund on crypto deposit

  1. Here’s how to claim your refund on WazirX:

    Withdraw crypto from Coindelta and deposit on WazirX
    Take a screenshot of the withdrawal

  2. Fill up this Claim form here
    We’ll refund you 100% of the withdrawal fee to your WazirX wallet.

    It’s a limited period offer!
    Some important points:

  3. The offer is valid for only the first deposit of each crypto. So make sure to deposit each crypto at one go.

  4. Total crypto deposit should be worth minimum ₹25,000. For example, if you deposit BTC, ETH & TRX, it should be at least, 10K worth BTC + 10K worth ETH + 5K worth TRX (Total 25K)

  5. You cannot make a withdrawal for at least 10 days (P2P also counts as withdrawal)

  6. Deposits made after 2 pm on 30th March qualify for the offer
    Hurry up, claim fee refund on WazirX.
So save your funds with the best Crypto wallet
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