I am using Brave Browser On my smartphones and as well as I suggest my friends to use it. I am using this awesome tool in my life for more than 2 years and I became a huge fan of Brave Browser. 
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They have changed the whole Internet industry by giving an option to block ads, trackers as well as third party Cookies. There is also a simple way to support the Content creators by their native Crypto Token Known as BAT (Basic Attention Token). 

If you are a content creator like blogger, Youtuber, and more than you can monetize your Content by joining their Publisher Program. 

You can also support us by downloading the Brave browser and use it for 30 days or Tip us BAT token using your Brave Browser.

There is good News for Every Brave user.
And the news is you can withdraw your BAT earning in your Uphold account.

So every Brave user can now easily withdraw their earnings in Uphold Account

If you are not a brave user then suggest you download the brave Browser and use it save your privacy and security 🔐.

If you don't Know What is brave Browser and BAT token then here is a quick summary of the remarkable project.

Brave is a great browser available on Windows, Android, iOS founded by Brendan Eich creator of the JavaScript programming language and co-founder of Mozilla, with the aim to save the user from Ads, 3rd party cookies without downloading any Plugins. Later they were sifted brave into chromium( an open-source ) so every plugin that works in Google Chrome will also work on Brave. Since Brave blocks Ads, third party cookies then it hurts content creators like Blogger, Youtubers because ads are the main way of their earnings.

So they have introduced an awesome Tool called Brave Rewards where they will start paying their users  (who opted for privacy respective ads) with their native crypto token called BAT and these tokens are used to Tip or auto-contribute to their Favorite content creators (who had signed up for Brave Publisher Program ).

From October 2019 they have allowed to connect with their Uphold account and easily withdraw their BAT Tokens earned by watching privacy-respecting ads. 

So it's a win-win situation for every Brave user. Because brave is the only web browser that protects your privacy and rewards your attention.

How to earn BAT Tokens?

  • First You need to download the Brave Browser on Computer or laptops 💻. Use this link.

  • Create one Uphold account and verify it if you have one then skip this step.

  • Enable Brave Rewards by going to Setting and Set the maximum number of ads that you want to see in one hour. 

  • Now connect your Brave Browser to your Uphold account.

  • Now you can use BAT tokens to Tip your favourite content creators or you can withdraw your BAT token in Uphold account

You can convert your crypto using our tool

Note this feature is also available on smartphones.

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