Earn ETH of 2 Euro

If you're not able to convert your learning into earning then I don't think you had learned something.


ETH is one of the best altcoins and you are saying that Bitcoin is the King 👑 of the crypto industry then ETH is the Queen 👸. And when a COINLOVER is investing his income into crypto then his first choice is Bitcoin (BTC) and when we talk about altcoin investment then our (my) first choice is ETH.

Now you have an opportunity to earn ETH worth 2 euro (€)

If you are a regular reader of CoinMantra then you know that Airdropalert has launched their pro plan for users. You can find full details of Airdropalert plan here

So one thing that I missed in Airdropalert' s premium feature review article, that they have also launched a referral aka affiliate program. 

Where you can earn ETH by referring pro users on their website. They are giving ETH of €2 for every successful referral (where a user will buy their pro plan).

So How To Earn ETH?

First, you need to login into your Airdropalert account, not an account then create one.

Click on the pro plan and copy your referral link.

Now share it with your friends

Your earning will deposit in ETH wallet that you have added 

Now refer and Earn Ethereum.

Want to support us then use our referral link so that we can earn some ETH.

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