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Monday, November 4, 2019

Pi Cryptocurrency Mobile Mining app review 2020

I have also tried some of them.

We need lots of Electricity as well as Super powerful computers  🤖 to mine cryptocurrencies. So crypto mining is a costly process, so it's hard for everyone to become a Miner.

Recently I found an application that allows you to crypto mining using your smartphone without using RAM and Battery 🔋. 

  Is it a scam or a great project?

The first thing I am going to clear that this Application only gives the option to mine their Cryptocurrency, not Bitcoin or Litecoin.

The name of the app is Pi app and it gives you option mine their native cryptocurrency called Pi or π

So PI is the app that launched its Beta program where they announced their native cryptocurrency  Pi or π that can be easily mined using a smartphone.

There is motive or idea behind every crypto projects that will change human life, but the Pi team had not shared any product or idea that can solve some problems (Maybe they will add in the future). 

So this crypto token is not tradeable or listed at any exchanges like WazirX, Binance.

I think they are trying to add many people to their project and aim to get Popular just like Bitcoin. Now there are more than 1 million people 👭joined this project. So this project is not a scam. 

They have mentioned in their App that Project developers are Stanford PhDs. And this thing is also increased my trust.

If you want to join their Beta Project using this simple tutorial 

  • Register using your Facebook or Mobile number (Suggestion:- Use Phone number)

  • After filling all details like Your Full Name, Password as well as username  

  • You can support us by using 'Invitation code’ is:    coinmantra

  • After successful registration, you can start mining by tapping on the lighting button
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You can increase your mining speed just by referring to others.

After 24 hour you need to again tap on lighting button to continue Pi Token Mine Don't worry if you will miss then you will a notification like this
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This is my earning till 02/11/2019
Cryptocurrency, Pi, token, CoinMantra, crypto Mining

Since they are not charging any fees and providing free cryptocurrency mining so I suggest you join the project and mine crypto as much you can. 
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