Brave will add extension feature in 2020

I love smartphone rather than a desktop or Laptop 💻. Because I am able to do a lot of things in a 6-inch display Smartphone and there are some applications available on the play store that makes my smartphone like a laptop.
Brave browser, extension,, CoinMantra

But when I need to use a particular extension then I  sift myself from smartphone to Laptop.

But there are some android browsers that offer extension aka plugin features like kiwi and Yandex browser.

But when i shift from Google chrome to Brave (a privacy respective browser) then i have started using one and only brave browser on my smartphone. You can support your favourite content creator using brave browser like

When I need to use any specific extension then i need to download other browsers on my android smartphone. 

One day I asked to BrendanEich on Twitter about extension feature in brave smartphone version. 

Then I got a reply from the brave team that they are working on it, and the feature might be available in 2020.

Serg Brave Android developer revealed that the extension feature might be available in Q1 - Q2  2020 in a tweet 🐦 where he clear my doubt regarding an extension. 

I am happy to know that they are not only listening to the voice of their user but also updating their product.

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