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Wazirx has listed Cartesi (CTSI) and come with $5,000 CTSI Creepts Gaming Giveaway!

Wazirx India 🇮🇳 largest CryptoCurrency Exchage  Backed by Binance has given a sign that they are going to launch 🚀 something related to Blockchain Games 🤓 

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After reading this on their tweet we are surprised  😲  and this is good news that Wazirx is jumping on the Game. 

Since we are not cleared on the topic so we are waiting for their next news and started checking their Twitter, Blogs, app and everywhere to know more and after 3 days we find a tweet where they are talking about listing a new crypto Token on their Exchange and Token is none other than Cartesi’s CTSI 🥳

We guessed they are talking about this Blockchain Game but we are not 100%Sure so we haven't shared this News with You (Coinlovers) 😕 

But after another tweet of wazirx where they have cleared about the Blockchain game and also a huge Giveaway of the listing Token Cartesi’s CTSI🥳.

So for them who don't know what is the Cartesi’s CTSI Token

 Cartesi is a decentralized and scalable Linux infrastructure that solves the problems of computational scalability and development infrastructure for the decentralized web. With Cartesi, Blockchain applications can be coded with the vast domain of mainstream software stacks available today. Applications run off-chain, with the strong security guarantees of the blockchain, but free from its computation limits and high costs.To learn more about Cartesi, visit:

And what about the Giveaway  😮?

Before this Giveaway they have launched Highest Trader Kaun Marathon (26th May and 27th May 2020).

Wazirx has come with Giveaway where you don't need to do social media tasks (like retweet, share post and more ) you need to do only one thing play Game 🎮

Yes you need to play game and win 🏆 the prize of $5000 😎

So How to Participate in this Winning Game 🎮?

 So everything is clear but How to Play the Game 🎮

I hope you have followed the instructions and you want to know how to play the Game 🎮

So I checked the link before publishing this post but I haven't find the game or map 

 You can watch this video to learn more   or you can try the before the launch of map on this Link 🔗 

There are some Terms and Conditions:

  • Rewards are set at a rate of 1 CTSI = 0.037 USD.

  • Rewards are allocated based on the final rankings of the round.

  • Users will be required to be registered and KYC verified on WazirX, to be able to participate and receive a reward.

  • CTSI rewards will be distributed within 2 weeks after the contest ends. — Users can log in and see their rewards via their WazirX account after the distribution is completed.

  • Distributions of CTSI will be handled by the WazirX Team.

  • Each user’s gameplay data will be submitted after each game. Data may be used to check for malicious actors or be used for marketing purposes.

  • The external Creept’s high-score page may not reflect the actual final results, winners or placements and should only be taken as a “score” reference for players. This page is managed by the Cartesi team.

  • WazirX reserves the right to cancel or amend the Competition or Competition Rules and/or terms at their sole discretion.

  • WazirX reserves the right to disqualify participants should they display attributes of malpractice.

  • Start Time: June 1st at 11:30 AM UTC

  • End Time: June 4th at 11:30 AM UTC

  • Map will be announced shortly before the tournament.


Report Issues

If you encounter any technical issues during the gameplay, please contact the technical support team at or

So Be Ready for the Game 🎮 and win it 😎


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