> Finally, Brave Browser 's Most awaited feature has come to Android and it is…. Uphold integration 😊

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Finally, Brave Browser 's Most awaited feature has come to Android and it is…. Uphold integration 😊

Brave the Browser that gives you control on your Privacy as well as an option to earn Crypto by just watching Privacy respected ads.  Also You can support your favorite content creator without sharing your personal information. 

Brave Browser, Uphold, CoinMantra, Android

The Good Thing is the Crypto Earning Feature Call Brave Rewards is an optional feature means if you don't want to watch ads then it's ok but you can't Earn the awesome BAT (Basic Attention Token)

So it's your choice you want to Earn or Not 

Brave users have opportunity to Earn Crypto by Watching Privacy Respecting ads and use them to support their favorite content creators. Not For Desktop Users they can easily withdraw their Token To Uphold Wallet. But this feature is not available on Mobile Phones πŸ“±. And if you're a US then you can spend your earning on anywhere with Uphold Card πŸ˜‡ 

But the good news is the awesome Uphold integration is now available in Android and later it will available on iOS πŸ˜‡

So if you're android user and using Brave then you can now easily withdraw your earning in your Uphold wallet 

Okay, that's good news but How to withdraw my earned BAT in Uphold.

If you're using Brave on your desktop then You know How to Withdraw and since we are talking  about Brave android then First you need to update your Brave Browser to the  latest version and in my case it is 1.10.94 . 

Then click on Tringle  button and there is an option called verify Wallet like this.

Brave Browser, Uphold, CoinMantra, Android

But you need to have minimum 25BAT to verify your Brave Browser with Uphold wallet. This is feature is available on Desktop  πŸ’» and now it is also available in πŸ“±(Android).

In our last article we have also share this Brave and Uphold Intergration News 🀫 

Since, I have not 25BAT in my Brave Browse because last month I tipped my favorite content creators and Platforms and Publish0X is one of them 😎 and if you have then please let us know How it works 😌

The good thing is you can transfer your BAT from Brave to Uphold and easily withdraw your loved one wallet or exchange,  without any fees.

If you're not using Brave Browser then download it and support us or you can also TIP US with BAT 😊

Thank you for reading this article πŸ“– 


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