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Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Brave Nightly has launched πŸš€ on Android

Brave has launched πŸš€ it's Nightly Version on Android  so what is it? 🀨

I know you know what is Brave and hope You are using it if not then Download Brave Browser and support your favorite content Creators 😌

Basically Brave is a Browser that changed the internet industry  🏭 by adding some special features like Brave Rewards, BAT Token, Power to Support Your favorite content creators and many others.

If you don't know what exactly Brave is?Then I suggest you to Read this article where we have discussed all the things and why we are using Brave  🦁.

So yesterday Brave had launched πŸš€ it's nightly version on Android and they have shared this news on Twitter and I just open Google  Playstore and download it πŸ€” 

Brave Browser has Launched πŸš€ three types of Browser so sometime people are confused what exactly is?

Brave Release or Stable Brave Browser :- The Stable Version of Brave Browser 

Brave Beta :- This is a preview version of Brave Release  

And The Last Brave Nightly :-

Brave Nightly is an early, untested version with incomplete features which are in progress. Basically, they have created this version for users feedback 

Every night they will release update so they have added the Word Nightly 🀫

Basically, Brave Nightly is a testing and development version of Brave.

I have downloaded the Brave Nightly in Phone and I will come with a review asap

Don't forget to share your views on Brave Nightly on Comment Box  😌