Warning 🚨 Fake Atomic Wallet App available on Google Play Store

Last month we have Reviewed a popular Crypto wallet where you can store your coins because they are providing both seed phrase and Private keys 🔑  of all popular Cryptocurrency.
The name of Crypto Wallet is Atomic Wallet and they are also giving 15 AWC Token by Downloading from this link. 

Don't know about Atomic wallet, read our review and discover amazing features of Atomic Wallet and don't forget to earn 15 AWC Token 😎. 

We all know there are some bad people always ready to steal our Funds and when we talk about Cryptocurrency then their numbers will increase. Like SIM Card Swapping, phishing 

And the new way is to create a fake app of popular crypto wallet and they are using this technique, with Atomic Wallet users.

Yesterday, the Atomic wallet team had tweeted this 😮

And share this news to alert ⚠️  their users so they don't use the fake app and loss their funds.

Basically when we tried to check the fake app on play store and found it. So the news is true and we need to secure ourselves by downloading the original application from the source.
Everything, Yes almost Everything is the same in Both Applications. Both applications Have the Same logo, Demo Pictures. They Tried To Make the same as possible and this is very dangerous for a Newbie. If you're a Newbie then you can't Find Which one is the Orginal Atomic Wallet App. But If You Compare Both apps Then You Will some Major difference like 
Application Size
Review and Ratings
No of Downloads
Application Publisher Name
First, one is their size and tell us other difference in the comment section. The fake app is downloaded more than 100 + and the original application downloaded more than 100k+
Find the difference between screenshots 

Fake Atomic wallet app available on  Google Playstore


Fake Atomic wallet app available on  Google Playstore

This is not good news but we can make good news by raising awareness. It is like an alert alarm and we need to update and protect ourselves to access anything.

In the crypto world, the line you must always remember is that "your fund is there until you have your private key. If you have lost your key, forget your fund."

Know about the Twitter hack 

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