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Surprise Gift for my Sister on this Rakhi

Last night I woke up and asked a question myself "is it ready or not?"


What? 😦


This is a gift 📦  sorry a surprise gift for that, I was preparing for the last two months 👀. And finally, it is ready and I am also ready to send this gift to my loved one 😍. 

Sorry, you're confused❔What am I sharing with you? This is a story that I want to tell you 👦. Don't worry it is related to Crypto and Blockchain 😊. 

The surprise gift for my sister on this Rakhi 🥳

I am from India 🇮🇳  a country of festivals. Today is Raksha Bandhan (a popular festival for brothers and sisters  👫).  And if you don't know what is the Raksha Bandhan,  then you are free to google 👀  in simple words, sisters tie a sacred thread i.e. rakhi, on their brother’s wrist. It is done so with the intent to wish good health and long life. Rakhi symbolizes the expression of a sister’s love as well as pledge a brother to guard and take care of her under all circumstances.

Ok, but where is Crypto? 


We all are suffering from Covid19 and lockdown and this is difficult to go and meet my lovely sister and enjoy this festival. So I wish to give her something special and memorable stuff so I decided to give her some Crypto 🤓. 


Yes, Crypto but there is a problem ⚠️  that she is not using any smartphone 📳 that's me she has not any account on any crypto exchange.


So I create an account on Trust wallet and add my favourite crypto there Like BTC, XRP, BAT and some ETH to pay gas fee 😁

And now the interesting part of the story How did I shared the wallet with her.


Since my sister is not using any tech thing then it's not easy to share these secret codes with her. 


So I created a Puzzle and put in a novel and sent her last Sunday using a courier.  It is a very difficult time for me because I need to find those words in a 500-page book and underlined them.


Wait if anyone read the book and this article then they can access the wallet and fund.


No, Never Because there is another twist in the story 😎


But there is another twist that I marked 36 words in the book 📖.  So How can she find the right word with the arrangement? 


Because there is a puzzle in another book that I am going to send her today. 


She requires to solve both puzzles to access the funds 💵.


So moral of the story you can try this method to Gift crypto to your loved one 😉