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Indian PM Modi's website's twitter account hacked and ask for Crypto Donations

 Indian PM Modi's website's  twitter account hacked and ask for Crypto Donations 💲

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Twitter the popular micro blogging site had faced the biggest hack in July 2020 where Hacker demands crypto for charity, is again in the news.

India's PM Narendra Modi's website S Twitter account hacked and hacker asked for a crypto donation from the followers.

We all know about the July Twitter Hack where Hacker got access to the Twitter's internal system and take control of Popular Twitter accounts like Elon Musk, Apple, Bitcoin and more 

PM Modi’s personal website's Twitter handle username @narendramodi_in with more than 2.5 million followers 

 had been hacked and then a series of tweets asking followers to donate to a relief fund through cryptocurrency.

@narendramodi_in was created in May 2011

Hacker asked to donate in the form of Crypto in PM Fund 💵 and share their Bitcoin and Ethereum address.

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Now The account is restored by twitter. 

From the last Tweet before by hacker, He revealed the name of their Group John Wick and also said that he had not hacked Paytm mall.

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They have collected 60 rupees in crypto which is less than one Dollar $1 before the account is fixed by Twitter.

According to CryptooIndia hacker had collected ₹ 57Bitcoin and ₹2 in Ethereum.