How To Transform BAT Into your Regional Currency

I am a big fan of Brave Browser. When I know about this project Then set it as Default Browser on my phone and Later on My Laptop. Brave Browser doesn't only helps me to block Ads, 3rd party cookies but also provide an opportunity to earn BAT (Basic Attention Token). You can learn more about Brave at CoinMantra.

Recently Brave Browser crossed 20 million, active users. Which is a large number and it is growing extremely fast.

If you are new to Brave Browser and want to withdraw your BAT earnings in regional currency. So You Can Use it to Buy what You Want 🤩 Then Read This Post.
Feel Free To apply for For Uphold Card and use it at the preferred shop. You have also an option to withdraw money into your bank account. (Currently available for Selected country users).

As Uphold is not providing a card and bank withdrawal facility for every country.

I am from INDIA and Uphold doesn't Support My Country. So I Withdraw Crypto on a Native Crypto Exchange and then Convert it into INR ₹.
Currently, the charge for ETH gas is very high so I do not want to withdraw the BAT because of higher charges. For example, if I want to transfer 15 BATs then I have to pay 6 BATs for the fees (At the time of writing this post).
BAT withdrawal Fees on Uphold

So How to convert this earning into native currency without paying huge fees?
Yesterday, I received 15 BAT In My brave browser ( Laptop) generated by watching privacy respect ads. Since I verified my Brave Browser with Uphold, So every month I receive some BAT tokens in my uphold account.
So I followed these steps (listed below) to convert the bat to INR ₹. First, convert all BAT to XRP (because lower transfer fees). You need to Pay some Exchange Fees.
Converting BAT to XRP in Uphold

Now choose your favourite native crypto exchange (from where you can easily convert bat to fiat). There are many Popular Crypto Exchange that supports XRP Deposits / Withdrawal but I choose WazirX for this test. After copying the XRP address from Wazirx, I pasted this XRP address into the XRP card of my Uphold account and clicked on the Withdrawal button.
XRP withdrawal from UPhold to WazirX-1
Now I need to confirm the amount and fee and after ensuring that all the details are correct. So I click on the confirmation button.
XRP withdrawal from UPhold to WazirX -2

Within 2 minutes I received XRP in my WazirX account.
Since I want To withdraw The Funf into my Bank account, So I Will Change XRP into INR by trading in INR Pair. So I can Easily withdraw this Money Into my Bank account. Since I have used the P2P method which is free and received the money in my bank account. If you liked this article, then share it with your friends. You can support us by sending BAT token

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