GoSats Launched Bitcoin Rewarding Card in India

Bitcoin Cashback Rewarding card in India by GoSats

The Bitcoin Reward Provider app GoSats has launched Bitcoin Rewarding Card. They launched the reward card on 15 August ( Independence day of India ). Recently, they have raised $700k funding from Alphabit Fund, Fulgur Ventures, Stacks Accelerator and SBX Capital and also from some angel investors.

Now, They have launched Bitcoin Rewarding cards. So whenever you shop using GoSats Rewarding card you will receive up to 100% cashback in Bitcoin. They have launched two versions of the Bitcoin Rewarding Card, the First is Intro and the Second is Elite.

Read the difference between Intro and Elite Card.

GoStas Bitcoin Reward Cards

These are Prepaid Debit Cards issued by NPCI, So you can spend your INR to Get Bitcoin Back in your GoSats account. Since these are prepaid debit cards, So you need to refill it.
Since they're releasing only 5000 cards in the first batch and if you want to receive your card before your friend then go and register for a GoStats account Use Promo Code GSMY4985 to get 1000 Sats.

How To Apply For Bitcoin Reward Card

You can easily apply for a Bitcoin Reward card by using their application. You can follow the below steps

Log in to your GoSats application or Create your account Make sure to Use Promo Code GSMY4985 to get 1000 Sats.

Click on join the Revolution Button.
Bitcoin Reward Card

Now, Select your card ( I applied for the Platinum Metal card ) and done. You can see your waitlist Position.

Bitcoin Reward Card Waiting List

I will review the card when I get it. So Make Sure to follow us :)


The Reward Card is Powered by Rupay.

Whenever you refer someone, you go up 5 places on your waiting list. So Refer your friends and use my referral code to get  GSMY4985 to get 1000 Sats.

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